In the game you will play Hopper – the sole survivor pixel of a virus attack on your computer. Hero must go a long way through the computer’s components up to the monitor.

During the journey, the hero will be traveling through all parts of the computer from the power supply through a processor, graphics card up to the monitor. During this time you will have to beat the Virus that destroys the world of our hero.

The game will take us from a very dark and gloomy recesses to the luminous places “full of electronic life.”

Key Features


  • Manipulation of gravity – dozens of different items, and each can change the gravity, so that you can beat the next levels.
  • Collect energy – energy gives you the ability to fly, shooting and when it gets full reduces the time
  • Fight with the enemies – use energy and surrounding environment to escape or defeat enemies
  • Flying – by flying there is a possibility to speed up or bypass certain obstacles. However, it consumes energy.
  • Puzzles – Sometimes way is closed or inaccessible. Solve simple arcade puzzle to open a passage.
  • 11 unique chapters, each containing a dozen levels
  • Ttime challenge – Try to achieve the best results and beat the records